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I understand the importance of capturing life's special moments through photography. Senior year is a significant milestone in a young person's life, marking the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. Senior portraits "pictures" are a way to document this important transition and create lasting memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

I believe that every senior should have their portraits taken, not only for the memories they will provide but also for the numerous benefits that come with it. Senior portraits capture the essence of who you are at this moment in time, freezing that moment forever. They also provide an opportunity for self-expression, allowing seniors to showcase their unique personality and style through their pictures.

Senior portraits are not just a way to remember your senior year but also serve as a way to commemorate your academic accomplishments and your journey toward adulthood. They are a celebration of the hard work and dedication that you have put into your education, and they can serve as a source of inspiration for future generations.

At ICON Photography KC, I am dedicated to providing high-quality senior portrait sessions that capture the beauty and essence of this important time in your life. For a limited time, I am offering 2024 High School and College Senior Portrait sessions for only $295.00, so don't miss out on this opportunity to capture memories that will last a lifetime. Contact me today to schedule your session!

What's included:

· 15 retouched digital photos

· 1 Location in the Kansas City area

· A photo print release.

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