about ICON Photography KC and myself

Hello, I’m Larry

When I was a child, my father had a high-end Polaroid camera (I know I know "Polaroid," but it was the 70s). I was intrigued by how anything mechanical or electric worked. I liked learning how the cameras worked almost as much as I did taking photos. I was wonderfully talented at taking things apart, not so gifted at putting them back together always had a few extra parts. So one day, when I was seven, I decided to find out how that Polaroid worked. Well, that was the end of my father's camera. I still feel awful to this day when I think about it. Having the best mother and father in the world, they bought me a Kodak 110mm camera for my eighth birthday. I moved up to a Cannon 35mm when I was thirteen and had it until I was seventeen when someone stole it.


A long way of saying. I have wanted to be a photographer for as long as I can remember.


Wanting to be and having the money to be a photographer back then were two different things. It was an impossible dream, so I spent 20-plus years in the radio industry fixing things. As soon as I had the money, I replaced the Cannon, and I was taking pictures again. A lot of pictures. The price of the film was still a problem.

Then thank you, Steven Sasson and Cannon, for the Canon EOS D30 3.1 megapixels of digital nirvana. Then the storage space was the problem, not the price of the film. It always has to be something.

I was fortunate that radio allowed me to travel to many European and Asian countries and all over the USA, taking pictures along the way. I have many landscape and street photos on stock image sites, so in 2007, I turned it into a business. In 2017, after my father's death, my wife and I became caregivers for my mother. That was it for my radio career and all the travel. I had to do something with more flexible hours without all the travel.

To quote Confucius, "When he chooses the labours which are proper, and makes them labour on them, who will repine?" or better yet, "Find something you love to do, and you'll never have to work a day in your life.”

It was my now-or-never moment. I loved photography, specifically natural light photography. It can have its challenges, but that is what makes it fun, and when you want the best light possible, nothing can beat out the sun. So, in the fall of 2017, I changed my business model from stock site photography to only local clients. 2017 was tough trying to get your work out so people see what you can do. I had over 37K+ photos, but once I upload them to stock services, I can't use any of them for my portfolio. Yes, out of 37K+, I have a lot left that I do not use for a reason. Any photographer that tells you every photograph they take is a masterpiece would be lying. The biggest issue I have about some photographers is when they try to do a photo shoot very quickly, 15 or 30 minutes. Are you kidding me?  Photography is an art, and it takes time. Not everyone is a model. Even if you are, who wants to feel hurried? Clients require time to relax and become comfortable.


I would love to be your photographer. I do not claim I'm the best photographer in the Kansas City metropolitan area. I'm not, but I am excellent at Capturing Little Slices of Time That Live Forever. I am not the lowest cost. I have competitive rates and offer reasonable prices on prints from a professional photo lab, not a drugstore. I also do in-studio and on-location indoors.


Please call 816-788-9600 to discuss your photography needs or use the contact button.